Termite Inspections


Termites are unpredictable! Their presence can be unknown and discovered by accident.  Striking at any time, termites could be destroying your asset right now.  Annual termite inspections are essential to find termite activity, and to assess the conditions that make a property more susceptible to timber pests.

The Australian Standard AS4349.3 2010, Inspection of Buildings recommends a competent pest inspection at least on an annual basis and in some cases more frequent depending on the environment and the type of structure.

What’s included in a termite inspection

When a Termite Choices Technician inspects your home or investment property for termites you will experience the most thorough inspection that is our guarantee.

At Termite Choices we take the time needed to check any possible hiding point of entry or termite workings and all our findings will be included in a thorough termite inspection report. This termite inspection report includes pro-active action required to safeguard your home from termites.

What equipment is used?

Termite Choices termite inspections are performed by experienced, licensed technicians using industry-best equipment including:

  • Tramex Moisture meters
  • Termatrac Australian built and invented movement detection device based on microwave technology the only device of its kind in the world.
  • Bore scopes (tools that allow you to gain visual access inside walls and other enclosed voids)allowing minimal disturbance to walls and Termite colonies if found.
  • Thermal imaging cameras allowing us to locate Termite nests and possible moisture leaks.

How long does it take?

For example a standard home termite inspection should take between 1 – 2 hours depending on the size and nature of your property large commercial and industrial structure may take considerably longer .

After Care Service

After our inspection you can chose to receive your termite report either by email or post. We will follow up this with a call to answer any question you may have.

We will also walk you through each finding and recommendation on the report, so you have a thorough understanding of what the termite technician found and why he made the recommendations in your report.

Don’t take any chances, arrange for Termite Choices to inspect your property, starting today.