About Us

Termite Choices is a Brisbane based pest management company servicing Brisbane Metro, surrounding suburbs, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. We provide a range of pest management services that safeguard domestic and commercial properties and their occupants from termites, other wood-destruction agents and diverse species of animal pests. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Emergency Termite Inspections and Treatment
  • Preventative Timber Pest Inspections and Management
  • Pre-Purchase Pest and Building Inspections
  • Commercial and Industrial Property Pest Control and Prevention
  • Residential Pest Control and Prevention

By specialising in timber pest inspections and pest-prevention services, Termite Choices helps you to protect your most important asset from suffering financial loss through property devaluation or poor rental returns caused by damage from pests, especially termites.

Pest management is not a single pest control method. Rather, it’s a series of pest management evaluations, decisions and controls. The “choice” in Termite Choices comes from the team helping you choose the right services and methods for your unique situation. Termite Choices works out what problems exist and provides a solution that best suits your requirements and your social or environmental preferences. For peace of mind and property investment protection, Termite Choices is engaged for cyclic monitoring and continues advising on ways to eliminate conditions that encourage pests.

Why choose Termite Choices?

Termite Choices is in the business of investment protection. Our passion is preserving property value, so that owners can continue to grow their assets and secure their financial future. Termite Choices helps to manage any animal or wood destruction pest that is making life uncomfortable for a property owner, manager or building occupant.

Insects, spiders, birds, small mammals and reptiles are all animal pests that can make life uncomfortable or unsafe. Termite Choices can remove and prevent these pests from devaluing domestic or commercial property, or damaging a business’ reputation and livelihood.

QBCC accreditation is required for all pest control companies that conduct termite treatments and termite inspections on properties in Queensland.
QBCC License Number: 1193763