Silverfish Control


These slender, wingless insects are common in homes. The Silverfish are covered with shiny and silver or pearl-gray scales with three long tail-like appendages and two threadlike antennae. Average size 12 – 15mm.

The scales help them escape the grip of ants and spiders. Silverfish cause damage by eating, clothing food or other items high in protein like sugar and starch. They eat cereals, moist wheat flour, paper on which there is glue or paste, book bindings, starch in clothes and linen which can become very expensive.

They will breed in bookcases, storage boxes and linen closets. Oval white eggs are dropped in a few places week after week. Eggs hatch in 2-8 weeks with adulthood reached in about 2 years. They thrive in moist hot areas from the roof void to the sub floor.

The economic cost can be horrendous never underestimate the damage silverfish can do with only a couple of nice sweaters damaged this can become a very costly pest.

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