Pre-Purchase Termite Inspections

Buying a new home? Destructive timber pests or timber rot could be a serious problem, almost invisible to the naked eye, a pre-purchase inspection will find these. At Termite Choices we will help you with your pre-purchase timber pest inspection avoiding any hidden surprises that can destroy your new investment.  Termite Choices can also arrange for a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection to be carried out at the same time using a trusted Building Industry Professional.

Imagine buying your dream home without an inspection and discovering down the track, that it is riddled with rotten wood and termites! A pre-purchase termite inspection will expose termites and other destructive timber pest damage that is very expensive to fix.  The statistics are alarming, with more than 1-in-3 homes sold in Australia having some degree of serious progressive damage. Without a pre purchase inspection you could be left with a large repair bill.
A Termite Choices pre-purchase termite inspector will provide a prompt and accurate pre-purchase inspection service to your potential new home. We will provide a comprehensive analysis of the property detailed in a professionally presented report. With a full timber pest inspection there will be no doubt whether or not there is a termite infestation or possible damage to the property. Termite Choices offer a total inspection service covering all buildings and surrounding property.

Pest damage is not easy to see and requires specific training to observe, detect and diagnose. A wood panel may look solid from the outside, but it could be hollowed on the inside by termites just underneath the surface. It’s now possible to see “inside the walls” and accurately detect the presence of termites, water leaks and many hidden defects. At Termite Choices our pre-purchase pest inspectors are expertly trained to use the latest technology including Thermal Imaging Cameras and Moisture Detecting Equipment at no extra cost.

An inspection will assess the following:

  • evidence of timber pests
  • severity of damage caused by timber pests
  • susceptibility of building to infestation by timber pests
  • remedial and protective measures required (including a quote for any recommended treatment)
  • further investigations required.

Our inspector will encourage you to be in attendance throughout the inspection so that he may advise you on any specific problems. Our highly trained inspectors can also recommend specific methods of repair. At Termite Choices we believe that a job should be undertaken properly the first time around with the utmost care and professionalism.

We can respond to your request for an inspection and furnish you with a complete report within 24 to 48 hours if necessary.

Equipment and Experience to find what others can’t see – call Termite Choices today