Possum Control


Protecting Your Home from Possums

Possums can be destructive animals that are capable of causing significant damage to structures.  When possums live in your roof they may damage insulation, chew electrical wiring or contaminate an area with their urine and faeces. Possums can expose your family to disease and other dangers, which is why you’ll want a  fast and effective possum removal services.

Effective Possum Removal and Prevention

Possums can inhabit the roof, walls, basement, garage, and other areas of the home.  Once they target a structure, it can be next to impossible to get rid of possums.  These habitual animals are known to go back to the same homes again and again, which is why homeowners should also use preventative measures to avoid infestation in the future.  Correct identification of the Possums’ sleeping areas at your premises is an important part of implementing an effective program for the removal of this marsupial. Termite Choices can also arrange to install a Possum box in your yard prior the removal of the Possum.

We neither catch nor trap possums. Possums are territorial and if caught can only be released within 25 meters of the structure. Unless you address the problem in the structure and fix the entry point the Possums can quickly return. Termite Choices is committed to providing an eco-friendly possum removal service. The service we provide can include inspecting your home for entry points, ensuring all possums are removed and even making any repairs to any damage they may have made to your home.

In order to safely and effectively overcome possum problems, you’ll want the experts at Termite Choices on the job.

Common Brushtail Possum

The fur of the common brushtail possum is thick and wooly and quite variable in colour, ranging from silvery-grey, to brown, black, red or cream, lighter on the underparts, and with a brown to black tail.

The ears are large and pointed, and there are dark patches on the muzzle.

The male common brushtail possum is generally larger than the female, and the male’s coat usually blends to reddish across the shoulders.

The female common brushtail possum has a well-developed, forward-opening pouch. They range in body size from 32-58 cm with a tail length of 24 – 40 cm and can weigh between 1.2 – 4.5 kg.

Common Ringtail Possum

The common ringtail possum weighs between 550 and 1100 g and is approximately 30–35 cm long when grown (excluding the tail, which is roughly the same length again).

Grey-brown fur with red flanks, white underparts and white spots behind their small, round ears.

Ringtails have a thin, tapering tail, and the last third of it is white.

Their tail is prehensile (it can wrap around branches to aid their climbing). Females have a pouch to carry their young.  Common resident in bushland, along creek-lines, in parks and backyards.

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