Pest Control

Pest Control

We have a Pest Control solution for every situation

Our team is fully trained and licensed, with years of experience in the control and treatment of all common household pests. We have an affordable and effective solution for you, so call today for service we guarantee you’ll be satisfied with.

Common Pests We Can Help With


Ants always on the hunt for food and high ground, a single ant can lead the way for the entire colony to invade your home. The best way to control the problem is to find the nest and remove the queen, which Termite Choices can assist with immediately.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can be easily transported and are often found hiding in fabrics in bedrooms and mattress stitching. Their thin bodies allow them to hide from the naked eye  in crevices and the smallest openings. Best method for control is to contact a Termite Choices technician who are experts in eradicating these pests.

German Cockroaches

German Cockroaches  spread germs, make allergies worse and reproduce  at record-breaking speed. Only Termite Choices have the expertise to rid your home of these unwanted visitors.


Flies carry more than 100 pathogens that can cause dangerous diseases in humans and animals, such as typhoid, polio and tuberculosis—and how to control these.  pests. Termite Choices have the experience and skills to rid your home of flies.


Rodents multiply so quickly, just a few can lead to an out-of-control infestation before you know it. Don’t delay and make the call to Termite Choices to ensure that your home does not become overrun with rodents.

Red Back Spiders

Red back Spiders, can inflict painful, sometimes fatal bites. Make sure you make the choice to call Termite Choices today to keep your children and pets safe.


Mosquitoes The threat of mosquito-borne diseases could affect your family and pets Ross river fever is one of the regular diseases to affect Queenslanders. Don’t be a victim of mosquitoes this summer and call Termite Choices now!


Silverfish Found in areas of high humidity, silverfish eat through paper and other items with high starch content, call Termite Choices for a simple  treatment for silverfish could save you hundreds if not thousands from damaged clothes.


Fleas feed on human blood through small bites in the skin. They can jump from your carpet up to your ankles and calves, and a female flea can produce up to 800 eggs during her lifetime and stay dormant for up to 18 months .

Keep yourself and pets bite free by calling Termite Choices to get a no obligations assessment today!


Ticks carry many serious diseases, including Lyme disease, encephalitis and typhus. They can live for over 19 months without a blood meal, don’t delay and call Termite Choices  as ticks can be fatal to your pets if left untreated.


Wasps can be distinguished from bees by their smooth, rather than hairy, bodies. Very protective of their nests, they will defend against invaders with painful stings. The paper wasp will attack again and again inflicting painful  stings. Don’t feel the sting and call Termite Choices now to rid yourself of wasps!


Moths Female moths can lay up to 200 eggs, and moth larvae feed on wool fabric and fur, doing damage to valuable clothing items. Don’t be forced to throw out that favourite item of clothing, call Termite Choices now!

Carpenter ants

Carpenter ants cut “galleries” into the wood in your home. Colonies can contain up to 50,000 workers, and infestations are very difficult to control. Carpenter ants may also be mistaken for termites your Termite Choices technician will be able to detect the difference. Call now for a no obligation quote and put your mind at ease today!

Everything we do guaranteed to your complete satisfaction – call Termite Choices for a Free Quote.