Fly Control

House Fly

Fly Infestations

Fly infestation in your place of work or business can cause thousands of dollars in lost business and revenue if left untreated.  The sight of a fly infestation can also give your customers the impression that your facility is dirty and unhygienic, not to mention damage to stock and reputation.

Signs of a Fly Infestation

As with most flies, the most noticeable sign of drain flies are the adults. They are typically seen resting on the walls in bathrooms or near the breeding materials. Larvae may also be observed wriggling in the breeding material.

  • Live insects and dead insects.
  • Fly spots or droppings.
  • Maggots flies in their larval stage.

Control Measures

  • Removal of breeding environment essential for effective long–term control.
  • Correct species identification is paramount — you will need professional help.
  • Insect proofing
  • Deployment of Electronic Insect Killer Units
  • Regular inspection visits from qualified Technicians to prevent recurrence of fly infestations.

Fruit Fly

Fruit flies are the world’s worst fruit pest, they destroy fruit and vegetables in commercial crops and home gardens.

Fruit Fly Larvae – Fruit Fly Maggots

Like many other insects, fruit flies pass through egg, larva and pupa stages before emerging as sexually mature adults.

Fertilized females lay their eggs in overripe fruit and other sources of soft, sweet, decaying matter. Depending on the species, this behavior can be detrimental or beneficial to the local environment. For example, some species can act as scavengers and are beneficial; however, inside homes, this is not the case. Each female typically produces hundreds of eggs.

Larvae are the small wormlike early stages of fruit flies. These larvae prefer the wet fermenting areas near fruit or other sweet items. They can also be found commercially in baking areas where sweet fruit fillings may have fallen and have been moistened with wash water.

There can be many environmental reasons why you have fruit fly call Termite Choices today for advice on how we can tackle fruit fly.

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